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Activities for adults   1 hour / Period until the end of the school year - PLN 230 / month


Age 18+




Stretching is also known as stretching. Stretching can be an element of training, but very often it is also a separate training unit. Such training stretches all muscle groups, allows you to regain their flexibility and natural length. Stretching prevents injuries, but also increases overall body fitness, which you will feel during any activity. Stretching includes:

  • stretching exercises

  • relaxation exercises

  • yoga elements

  • pilates items




Regular stretching will benefit your figure a lot. What are the specific effects of stretching?

  1. Stretching helps to take care of the spine. Many stretching exercises focus on the spine.

  2. Exercises and positions performed during stretching shape the habit of an appropriate posture, which is difficult, for example, in front of a computer monitor.

  3. It is true that you will not burn too many calories in class, but better flexibility and posture will make you look much slimmer.

  4. Stretching increases the range of motion and flexibility of the body.

  5. It improves blood circulation in the body.

  6. It allows you to avoid strong soreness after intense workouts.

  7. The benefits of stretching will be felt not only by your body but also by your mind. Stretching classes help to reduce the level of stress. Calm music also helps to relax and consciously work on the body.


After training


Instead of neglecting stretching, it is worth adding another unit after training, e.g. a 20-30 minute deep stretch. It is recommended especially to people who exercise intensively in the gym and runners, but in fact, the benefits of stretching will feel every exerciser. First of all, stretching after training helps to avoid soreness and reduces post-workout pain.


For whom


Stretching is good for everyone, regardless of age or skill level. It's also a good give away activity for pregnant women, children and seniors. Stretching should be decided especially by people leading a sedentary lifestyle, complaining of back pain, neck pain and muscle stiffness. People who train intensively in the gym and runners will also benefit from stretching.


Classes for adults 18+


Sunday 12: 00-13: 00



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