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Adult classes   1 hour / Period until the end of the school year - PLN 230 / month


Age 16+




A form of training focused on sculpting a perfect figure. Exercises without equipment or with the use of basic gymnastic equipment, bars, rings, handrails. Training in this form was very popular, before gyms, and with them the typical bodybuilding sports. Today, calisthenics is gaining more and more followers, mainly due to the fact that it not only improves the muscle shape, but also allows you to develop the so-called useful strength. It is because multi-joint exercises that involve the same muscle groups as some daily activities are often performed here.

For this reason, calisthenics need not be considered only as an independent discipline today. Bodyweight training is also a great variety to other sports: from triathlon to jogging and from professional tennis to cycling. Calisthenics are the basis of the training of gymnasts and acrobats. They activate most of the large muscle groups, although traditionally in bodyweight training more emphasis is placed on the upper muscle groups.


Classes for everyone from 16 years old


Sunday 13:00 - 14:00


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