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Activities for girls and boys


Age: 9-16 years 1 hour / Period until the end of the school year - PLN 230 / month



Students will be enrolled by the end of the school year.



  Our fall schedule for 2023-2024 has been modified with reduced capacity. Whether you are a newbie to gymnastics or you can do a rundak, a fiflak or a macho, there is a place for you in our classes for girls and boys. Starting with basic skills, you will work on your strength, flexibility, awareness of coordination and body control. You will learn to set goals, make efforts and achieve them, and help build positive self-esteem in training.


Jumping on the path. Starting with the basics, the long-term goal is to learn slackers and more advanced skills. We put emphasis on the right technique of all the basic skills like handstand, side flip, etc., because a strong foundation is very important in learning more advanced skills - rundak, fiflaki, forward and backflip. During the jumping lessons, we use springboards and specialized equipment as stations for learning more advanced skills.


During the final class in June, all students will have a "Fun Encounter" as a demonstration of all the skills acquired during the season.



Schedule of classes for girls and boys 2023-2024



Sunday 10: 00-11: 00 (age 9-16)

group 4 advanced level 3





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