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Gymnastic classes for girls and boys.

Sports gymnastics



Age: 5-14 years                    1 hour / Period until the end of the school year - PLN 230 / month.


Students will be enrolled by the end of the school year.

  We offer gymnastic classes for girls and boys from beginner to advanced level. Children will learn on the paths, a bar, rails, wheels, trampoline. in a non-competitive environment. Regardless of whether your child has never practiced gymnastics or has very advanced skills (rundak, fiflak, etc.), we have classes that are right for them. We focus on the right technique of all basic skills, because safety is our priority and helps build self-confidence. By signing up for our gymnastics classes for girls and boys, you can choose the best time that suits your schedule and we will assign them to the appropriate age group and skill level. If your child shows an interest in our contest program, please contact us to arrange an assessment. During the final class in June, all students will have a "Fun Encounter" as a demonstration of all the skills acquired during the season.


This is our regular schedule that we should move to after deviating from the social distancing principle.


Schedule of gymnastic activities for girls and boys


Wednesday            15: 30-16: 30 (Ages 5-8)


Wednesday             16: 30-17: 30 (ages 9-14)

group: 1  ( beginner)


At the moment, we have modified the schedule with reduced bandwidth. Subscribe to  season 2023-2024.

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